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Jai Rodriguez SOLO

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Run of Play:
10/05/16 to 11/06/16
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4252 W. Riverside Drive
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LGBT Content:

The noteworthy aspect of this production is the Falcon Theatre's visionary approach to diversity in casting, by using Jai Rodriguez. All the other productions have featured a Caucasian in the role. There is nothing in the character that would indicate Hispanic casting, which makes it all the more significant. For years, African-American actors have asked why they should only play roles that specify Black. That has all changed now, thankfully.

And Jai does an exceptional job at portraying a fully dimenstional gay man. Both his character and Barbra {who he also portrays} are written more deeply than comedy would normally require. We learn about her feelings about her looks as she was growing up in Brooklyn and we learn a lot about Jai's relationship and the control his lover tries to impose upon their relationship.

The set and lighting are Broadway caliber, using a Cinemascope scale video screen with cutouts appropriate to the specific projection at the time. I've never seen anything at the Falcon that isn't first rate in this area, but this set is particularly inventive.

This production is well worth the trip to Burbank, even if you've seen it before: a multi-dimensional gay character, terrific production design, a flawless performance and a lot of laughs.



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