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Faggot King, The
Or The Troublesome Reign of Edward II
Run of Play:
06/03/17 to 06/24/17
For Reservations Contact: Theater:
6201 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles
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LGBT Content:

The Warrior-King Edward Longshanks has died and his son has ascended to the English throne. Though the armies of Scotland and France menace his borders, the new-crowned Edward II remains oblivious, preoccupied with pining for his exiled lover Piers Gaveston. In ordering Gaveston’s return despite Longshank’s dying wish to the contrary, young King Edward provokes the outrage of the church. The many disturbing changes that accompany Gaveston’s return arouse the alarm and anger of the English nobility. And when Edward’s humiliated Queen allies herself with the rebellious Earl of March in a desperate bid to be rid of her hated rival Gaveston, the stage is set for a war that will divide and consume the realm.

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