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This site is intended to provide information that may be difficult to find in theater listings or press releases: the specific LGBT content of the play or musical, whether it be characters or themes.

Open for Reservations
Title Closes Open Date Theater
Brown & Out Fest IV 03/04/18 02/08/18 Casa 0101
Priscilla 03/25/18 03/16/18 Celebration
Six Characters in Search of a Play 03/27/18 02/25/18 Celebration
Ironbound 03/04/18 01/30/18 Geffen Playhouse
Significant Other 05/06/18 04/03/18 Geffen Playhouse
4Play 03/17/18 02/14/18 The Actors Company
Wicked Pagan Gays 03/31/18 02/23/18 ZEPHYR

Featured Videos

If you know of a greater-area Los Angeles play or musical with LGBT content which you don't see listed as Open or Coming Soon, please e-mail Jim Talbot at radiosky@icloud.com

Coming Soon
Title Opens Theater
F#@K I LOVE U: ALIVE! 06/02/18
The Importance of Being Oscar 06/06/18
Amanda The Barbarian 06/09/18
The Book That I'm Going to Write, By Judy Garland 06/12/18
Humans, The   > 06/19/18 Ahmanson
My Life in 3 Easy Payments 06/22/18
#Metoo 06/22/18
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