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This site is intended to provide information that may be difficult to find in theater listings or press releases: the specific LGBT content of the play or musical, whether it be characters or themes.

Open for Reservations
Title Closes Open Date Theater
Tilda Swinton Answers An Ad on Craigslist 08/26/17 08/25/17 Celebration
Ball Yards 08/27/17 07/29/17 Zephyr
Big Night 10/08/17 09/10/17 Kirk Douglas
Walking to Buchenwald 10/14/17 09/09/17 Atwater Village
Fixed 10/22/17 09/17/17 Atwater Village
View Upstairs, The 10/29/17 09/15/17 Celebration

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If you know of a greater-area Los Angeles play or musical with LGBT content which you don't see listed as Open or Coming Soon, please e-mail Jim Talbot at radiosky@icloud.com

Coming Soon
Title Opens Theater
Allegiance 02/21/18 Aratani
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