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This site is intended to provide information that may be difficult to find in theater listings or press releases: the specific LGBT content of the play or musical, whether it be characters or themes.

Open for Reservations
Title Closes Open Date Theater
Penis Chronicles    01/11/15 01/02/15 COAST
Billy Elliot 02/13/15 01/17/15 La Mirada
Book of Oded 02/15/15 01/09/15 Working Stage
Mutant Olive 02/22/15 01/22/15 The Lounge

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A New Brain

If you know of a greater-area Los Angeles play or musical with LGBT content which you don't see listed as Open or Coming Soon, please e-mail Jim Talbot at latheatre@roadrunner.com

Coming Soon
Title Opens Theater
Thieves   > 03/18/15 El Portal
A New Brain   > 05/21/15 Diversionary
Girlfriend 07/12/15 Kirk Douglas
BENT 07/15/15 Taper
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